In the winter of 2012 Pastor Ted led a three-member team from Calvary Chapel Bozeman to Chennai, India.  The group of teachers ministered alongside Pastor Sunny, founder of Great Harvest Bible College.  The men were eager to see what the Lord was doing in this unfamiliar part of the world.  For several years Pastor Sunny and Pastor Ted had been in communication through mutual contacts, but it wasn’t until a phone call during the summer of 2010 that a personal invitation to teach and visit was extended.  An information gathering and vision casting trip was planned for January, 2012. At that time our small team taught at Great Harvest Bible College, interacted with children participating in the Great Harvest Children’s Program, and visited church fellowships spawned from Calvary Chapel Church Planting.  The vision was cast, the zeal was authentic, and the calling was clear; there was a work that God had called us to in India.


The following year, January of 2013, Calvary Chapel Bozeman returned with a larger team, including members from Calvary Chapel Oceanside.  We were blessed to see that Great Harvest Bible College graduated the 19 young men that we had taught the year before.  Fifteen of those men had been sent out into the field and are now under the support and accountability of Calvary Prayer House Church Planting, shepherding flocks throughout the Indian Subcontinent.  The after school programs had also spread to several nearby villages involving hundreds of children and being run by the new crop of energetic Bible college students. We have continued to return every year thus far to come alongside, teach, encourage and exhort the students and new believers. Now after 4 years, there have been over 130 churches planted and over 5,000 children are served everyday in our Children’s Programs throughout the Indian subcontinent. We are reaching more and more children and families everyday by the grace of God!

The work has clearly taken root. With the growth and energy have also come some challenges.  Pastor Sunny sought help for the practical and spiritual needs as the ministry grew.  Upon return our team began to prayerfully lay the groundwork for what would soon become Great Harvest Outreach International, an umbrella organization developed between American team members and Indian counterparts to equip and aid native missionaries in Southern Asia to spread the gospel.

The members of Great Harvest Outreach International desire to make the practical and prayer needs of our native missionary students and staff known, and to meet those needs through God’s gracious provision.  Our heart is to minister to and with our brothers and sisters on the Indian Subcontinent, including those from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you will take a moment to explore and consider if the Lord has called you to participate with His work in India.   Please contact us to see how you can get involved.

The Indian people need Christ, and our daily prayer is that He would use Great Harvest Outreach International in whatever way necessary to meet that need.