Answered Prayer!

We praise the Lord for the answered prayer we saw on our recent trip!
For those of you who have been following the work of GHOI for awhile, you know that we’ve been praying for a solution to our sewage problem for over 4 years. We’ve also been praying for land and dorms for well over 2 years. We are so blessed that both of those projects were completed last year!In previous years the students lived on the second floor of the Bible College, where it was open to the outside. Last year in June so many students came that we didn’t have room for them all and some had to sleep on the cement floor and got serious skin infections. Well, the Lord provided for a dorm to be built on some land about 1/2 mile away, which He had provided a year prior. We are now able to accommodate many more students and are praying that the Lord will bring them in June of this year!

The students also now have 6 bathroom and 6 shower stalls! And there is a septic tank, so no more sewage problems or issues with the neighbors.

We are praying that we will also be able to add on more floors to the dorm so we can accept more students, as well as build an outdoor kitchen and eating area.

Praise the Lord!

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