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We will be collecting and bringing textbooks for Great Harvest Bible College when we go again in January. Following is a list of requested books. If you would like to purchase one or if you have any to donate, please contact any team member. The books don’t have to be the exact titles/authors; books in the same genres would be much appreciated and much used! Thank you!!

Click here for a printable pdf version: GHBC Book List

Book List:

Theological/Biblical Studies:

A General Introduction to the Bible – Norman. L Geisler & William E. Nix

A Guide to Biblical Studies – Dr. Sebastian Kizhakkeyilt

Biblical Hermeneutics – Milton Spenser Terry

Biblical Interpretation and the Church: The Problem of Contextualization – DA Carson

Canon and Biblical Interpretation – Craig G Bartholomew

Deep Exegesis: The Mystery of Reading Scripture – Peter J Leithart

Grasping God’s Word: A Hands-On Approach – J. Scott Duvall

Handbook of Contemporary Theology – David L Smith

Hermeneutics, Authority and Canon – DA Carson

Hermeneutics: Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation – Henry A Virkler

Homiletics – M Stephen

Homiletics from the Heart: Preaching God’s Word God’s Way – John Goetsch

Homiletics Handbook – Donald Hamilton

Homiletics: Preparing and Delivering Sermons – Norman Holmes

How to Read the Psalms – Tremper Longman III

Introduction to Homiletics – Donald E Demaray, George G Hunter III

Introduction to Modern Theology: Trajectories in the German Tradition – John E. Wilson

Israel of God in Prophecy: Principles of Prophetic Interpretation, The – Hans K Larondelle

Last Things: Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Eschatology, The – Carl E. Braaten

Moody Handbook of Theology, The – Paul Enns

New Testament Survey – Merrill C. Tenny, Robert G Gromaki

Old Testament Survey – C. Barnabas

Pentateuch – An Introduction to the first five books of the Bible.

Preach the Word: The Basis of Homiletics – G. Isaiah

Scripture as Communication: Introducing Biblical Hermeneutics – Jeannine K Brown

Seeing the Psalms: A Theology of Metaphor – William P Brown

Survey of the Old Testament – Irving L. Tenser

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine – Wayne Grudem, Charles Hodge

Theological books by M Stephen and Robin Boyd

Theory of Preaching, The: Lectures on Homiletics – Austin Phelps


A Layman’s Look at Cults and the Occult – Alton Crapps

Cults and the Occult – Edmond C Gruss

Cults, World Religions and the Occult – Kenneth D Boa

Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult – George A Mather, Larry A Nichols

Encyclopedia of World Religions, Cults and the Occult – Mark Water

Life Forces: A Contemporary Guide to the Cult and Occult – Louis Stewart

Signs & Symbols: Cult, New Age & Occult Insignias & What They Mean – Selwyn Stevens

Understanding the Cults – Josh McDowell, Don Stewart

Uniqueness of Jesus, The – Chris Wright

Ethics/Pastoral Care:

Biblical Christian Ethics – David Clyde Jones

Christian Ethics – JP Wogman, Karl H Peschke

Christian Ethics in a Postmodern World – James P Eckman

Common Good and Christian Ethics, The – David Hollenbach

Happiness and the Christian Moral Life: An Introduction to Christian Ethics – Paul J Wadell

Moral Quest, The: Foundation of Christian Ethics – Stanley J Grenz

Other Wise Preaching: A Postmodern Ethic for Homiletics – John S McClure

Pastoral Ethics – David John Atkinson

Peaceable Kingdom, The: A Primer in Christian Ethics – Stanley Hauerwas

Readings in Christian Ethics – J Philip Wogaman

Tend My Sheep – Harold Taylor


An Introduction to Ecclesiology: Ecumenical, Historical and Global Perspectives – Karkkainen

History of Ancient Israel

Introduction to Church History


Biblical Words and Their Meaning: An Introduction to Lexical Semantics – Moises Silva

Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible – Kevin J Vanhoozer

Introduction to New Testament Greek – RA Martin

Introduction to Old Testament Hebrew – RA Martin

Language and Imagery of the Bible – George Bradford Caird

New Testament Greek for Beginners – J. Gresham Macher

Studies on Hebrew Poetry and Wisdom Literature – De Gruyter

Traditional Techniques in Classical Hebrew Verse – Wilfred G.E. Watson 


Biblical Theology of Missions – George W Peter

Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions

Mission books by Roger Hedland

Click here for a printable pdf version: GHBC Book List

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