Busy Day Ahead

Hello all! We have made it safely to the state of Chittis Garh and this has been the first chance we’ve had to make contact with anyone. The group split up yesterday with Pastor Ted, Stephen, Ken, and Sarah heading back to Chennai and they will be departing for home later today. The rest of us, Luke, John, Gracia, David, and Brenda continued further North. We had quite the ride through the jungle on what was suppose to be a road and made it to our hotel at 4:30am last night.

We had a very blessed time the last few days. There were about 70 pastors at the conference we held and sensed the Lord really ministering to their hearts. Best of all, Charles Spurgeon was translating for us! We found that to be pretty awesome! We also visited a church plant from a student who was at the Bible College two years ago. What an amazing blessing it is to see the fruit of the school and students going out and planting churches after being equipped. We’re humbled to be a part of what God is doing!

We mentioned before that we were going to attend our first Indian wedding. Little did we know that we were all going to actually have a role in the wedding :). There were probably about 500-600 people there and it was another graduate of the Bible College, Pastor Nehemiah and Ruth. Everyone on our team had a part in the wedding. Pastor Ted preached for about 25 minutes, Gracia shared music, others prayed and read Bible verses. Pastor Ted and Luke actually were a part of the wedding party! It was quite the experience! After the wedding is when our group split up.

We could really use some prayer right now as we’re probably going to have our busiest day yet, that is the 5 team members who will be here another week. We only got a few hours of sleep and have a long day ahead. The itinerary for the day is to have a church service (usually a few hours), 3 outreaches in the afternoon, and 4 hours of travel with the plan of another outreach tonight. We’ve seen the Lord work and move and know that He is faithful to help us and we can do nothing apart from Him! We’re so blessed to be here and be used in the all the things He is doing in India!

Thank you all for praying and we can definitely sense God’s Spirit. A few last prayer requests. Several of us have had swollen feet, which makes getting around more difficult so please pray for healing. Also, a few of us have had some type of stomach bug. Pray for the 4 team members who will be heading home – for safe travels, rest, and for all the flights to go smoothly. Pray for strength for the remaining 5 team members as they continue the next week to minister in Northern India.

Blessings to you all and we’ll most likely be out of service for the next few days so we’ll update as soon as we can. Thanks for praying!

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