Day 2 in Manipur

This morning another little boy was dropped off at the orphanage. His parents recently both died and the others in his village are not able to take care of him. We then heard some of the other stories of the other orphans. Although the stories are heart breaking, it is so good to know that they have this loving place to come to where they will learn of Jesus and be trained up in a loving atmosphere.

Today we were scheduled to go to a remote village 3 hours away (not because of distance but because of road conditions) that is home to the Zeme people. It is located in the mountains above 6,000 feet and is built on a very steep hillside. They say it is about 1,000 years old and it was built at that location to protect them from their enemies. It is on the border of Manipur and Nagaland, has no electricity and is still steeped in much superstition and animism even though Christianity was introduced in the 1800’s. After trekking to the village we really have a lot of respect for those first missionaries. It must have been difficult too to make contact because even we had to come in with a village official or we wouldn’t have been able to come in. We thought we knew how the day would go, but when we arrived at the village most of the people were gone because there was a sports competition going on in the region. So after some other village officials showed us around (including the sacrificial stone where they still do sacrifices) we went to where the competition was being held. We arrived there and were told that we could speak for about 20 minutes. So now we would have the attention of numerous villages rather then just one. So during the halftime of the soccer game they gave us the mic. We didn’t have much time so we sang one song and Pastor Ted preached the gospel message. In the middle of the song halftime was over and over again they just let us continue on which we did until the message was preached. Although it was quite different, God’s word still went forth and we know God’s Word does not return void.

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