Flooding in Chennai

Chennai has been deluged with some of the worst rains they’ve had in over 100 years! Most of the city has been affected, there have been almost 300 deaths and much of the city is still closed down including the airport, train station and many roads. Please pray first of all for relief and comfort for the people, and secondly that all would dry up so that the mission team will be able to land in a few weeks.

Almost 15 of our churches and Great Harvest Bible College have been badly affected and most of the poor believers and local communities are struggling for food and clear water.  The sewage mixed with rain water has entered most homes and many people have become sick and are developing skin related issues. We are praying and planning to help with food, clear water, medicine, bedsheets and clothes.

If you would like to help financially in addition to prayerfully, you can click on the Give tab and choose the Give One-Time Gift option. As you go through the payment steps simply include “Chennai Flood Relief” in the memo. 100% of your gift will go towards providing food and relief. Thank you and God bless you!


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