God is Prevailing!

Pastor Joshua was our first graduate from Great Harvest Bible College. His heart’s desire was to go back to his hometown and plant churches in the slums. So after graduation he went back home and began serving the Lord. He started with children’s ministry and offered an after-school program to the slum children. Since he didn’t have a place, they met near the bank of a river. Within just a few weeks many kids started to come and when the slum authorities saw his compassionate heart for helping the children with their education, they decided to give him a small place in the slum. It turned out to be a place where they had been planning to build a Hindu temple for many years!

By God’s grace we raised the funds to build a church on this small piece of property. With much prayer we decided to begin building the church by laying down the foundation. The day after the foundation was laid Pastor Joshua visited the site and was greatly surprised to find that the entire foundation was completely destroyed. He then understood that some of the people in the slum wanted to build the Hindu temple there. They started to threaten him and our whole church began to pray. Pastor Joshua and some of the village authorities went to see a high government official in Andhra Pradesh.  God showed favor to Pastor Joshua and they gave him permission to build. So with government permission he again started construction on the church and the same thing happened again the next day; it was totally destroyed! Their opposition to God’s work was very discouraging and painful. So we started praying for those who were standing against the building of the church. Within just a week’s time we saw God begin to intervene and work in the lives of those who were opposing the church building; it was amazing! One of the main people was arrested for a major crime and another person was in an accident. Their strong opposition was totally dismantled and within two weeks we were able to build the church!

Now there is once again more opposition BUT children are coming to the after-school program, their parents are coming to the church and people are receiving Christ! God is doing amazing things in the slums and is prevailing over the devil’s work….Praise the Lord!

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