Graduation and Pastor’s Conference in April

Please keep our recent group of students in prayer as they head out…

Well, another group of students has graduated and is heading out to the mission field. This is our fifth year of training up and sending out missionaries and church planters!! All praise to the Lord!

Some of them already have a clear calling from God as to where to go and what they are to do. We had a chance to meet and encourage many of these students on our recent mission trip there in January. Others will be going out to support the work of other church planters who need more help.

One of the students, who has a clear calling from God, is Ebenezer. We were all very touched by Ebenezer’s passion and drive to serve the Lord!! He is a young man of 20 years who wants nothing more than to reach the people who are trapped in Hinduism with the Gospel.

His father already has a church started in their village and he intends to go back to help his dad with that church. But in addition to that, God has shown him clearly that there are two other villages He wants him to reach that have never heard of Jesus. Please pray for him as he heads out; pray for the two villages that God would prepare the soil of their hearts and that He would give Ebenezer perseverance! Here are some pictures of him and his father’s church.

IMG_0377      IMG_0375
 IMG_0370       IMG_0362

Also in April we will be hosted a Church Planter’s Conference at the Bible College in Chennai. God enabled Great Harvest to start a church planting movement in 2011. Our vision was to plant 1,000 churches by 2020. We praise God for what He is doing through the simple village church planters; He has helped us plant over 145 churches and help over 6,000 children in the most remote villages of Southeast Asia. 

Each year we gather these Church Planters for a one week conference to encourage and equip them to move forward in the task of discipling villages, districts, states and nations.

Some of the Pastors are previous graduates who have planted churches and others are Pastors who share our vision and have come under the covering of Great Harvest for encouragement, fellowship and equipping. Many of them work in very remote, hard to reach areas and were laboring all alone until the Lord brought us together. During the conference week they will be able to celebrate God’s faithfulness in their lives and ministries and receive much needed encouragement and equipping before returning to their mission fields.

It is also a good time for the new graduates to glean wisdom from those who have gone before them.

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