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Pastor David is one of our Pastors who has come under the covering of Great Harvest for fellowship and accountability. We met him on our recent trip to India when we visited one of his church plants where he shared his testimony with us. 

Pastor David accepted Christ 18 years ago and began doing ministry in Chirala, Andhra Pradesh. One day many years ago, he passed by a village of about 20 people. The Lord spoke to him about starting a ministry there and preaching the Gospel to those people. He ignored it. Later he passed the village while on a train and again the Lord told him to go there to preach the Gospel and again he ignored it. A third time God spoke to him about the same village and that third time he finally obeyed. It was a very small tribal village and when he arrived the people asked him why he was there. He told them that he was a pastor who had come to minister to them. When they heard this, everyone left except for one woman. He asked her why she didn’t leave also and she said that she wanted to have a church service.

So he began coming regularly and would have a church service under a tree for this woman. He also started reaching out to the children, teaching them songs and Bible stories. But after two months the woman’s son came and told him there was no room for Christians in their village. He began praying fervently for the village and returned three months later. Upon his return he noticed a change in the atmosphere and also found a place where he could start a church. This time a group of Hindus came and told him he was not welcome in their village. But then another woman told him he could have church at her place. So they put up a simple cardboard roof with some sticks and began again to have church services. The cardboard didn’t last long, but eventually God provided for a better roof as well as flooring. That then continued to grow into the building that we visited on our trip.

Since the time he started ministering there, the village has grown quite a bit, but so has the number of believers! There are now 50 believers and they are going to add onto their building to make it larger. We were honored to participate in laying the cornerstone for the new construction, and we look forward to seeing how God will grow His church body in addition to the building they meet in!


IMG_0416      33 - Version 2

Pastor David is starting another new work in a remote Gypsy village. We stopped by to see the work but most of the people were out in the fields. However, as you can see, they have a “roof” where Pastor David comes to minister, teach and preach the Gospel!


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