Meet some of our Great Harvest Bible College Students

Ganchai Harijan

Hello! My name is Ganchai Harijan. I come from a small village in Odisha. I was born and raised in a Hindu family and was an idol worshiper.

One fine day I was asked to attend the Christian marriage of my cousin. I met a servant of God there and he talked to me about Christ. He taught me about the life of Jesus Christ and His way of salvation. The Holy Spirit worked in me and I came to realize the Truth. This servant gave me a Bible and I took it home. This caused a big problem because my parents were strong idol worshipers. They started to scold me and eventually expelled me from our home. I knew I could not leave the truth, which I had come to know. I accepted Jesus in 2012 as my personal Savior and Lord, and after two years I took baptism in March 2014.

I have decided to spend my life with Jesus by serving Him. I am so glad to be here at Great Harvest Bible College, and to be growing in the Lord. All I want is to serve my God faithfully throughout my whole life. Please pray for my family and me.



Chirra Sreemohan 

Hello! My name is Chirra Sreemohan. I was born and raised in a Hindu family; we were all idol worshipers. Since my Grandfather’s time my family celebrated all of the Hindu festivals and we even had a temple in our house. People used to come to our temple and we acted as the Hindu priests doing the work of the temple. My family also had many sheep so every year we would sacrifice the goats to idols and celebrate the festivals. We would then provide food for all of the people who came to the temple.

During my higher studies one of my friends shared with me about Jesus. After awhile I started to go to church, but my parents were against that and they didn’t allow me to go.  I continued to go to church anyway and they sent me to a relative’s house. Eventually I came back home and started to go to church again. We still had the Hindu temple in our house and my parents still worshiped idols. I tried my best to share about Jesus with my parents, but they were against my faith and against Jesus. I started following Christ and was growing in the Lord. I obeyed the Lord in water baptism and ever since that day I have been following Christ. My parents were unaware that I had been baptized and they were still worshiping idols.

Later my whole church and I prayed earnestly for my family and as a result my parents came to Christ! But my Grandfather, my brothers and other relatives are still worshiping idols. I always continue to pray for the salvation of my family.

By God’s grace I married a wonderful, committed wife. We both have a great desire to serve the Lord and introduce people to Christ. Right now my wife and I are studying at Great Harvest Bible College to prepare for future ministry wherever the Lord leads.



Most of our students come from very poor families. We provide them with free education, room and board, and study materials so that they can then go out and proclaim the Gospel throughout the Indian Subcontinent. We are currently in our fourth year of training up church planters and missionaries and have planted nearly 100 churches by God’s grace. If you would like to help support a college student for $50/month, simply click the Give tab and indicate that your one-time or monthly gift is to support a Great Harvest Bible College student. May the Lord richly bless you!


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