Monday, January 4

This morning we started out by blessing the students with some notebooks, pens, and pencils, and some Bibles for the first year students. The students are always so grateful for what we bring. We spent a little time of fellowship with them before Pastor Ted and Luke got back to a full day of teaching.

While they were doing that the rest of us went to visit the Great Harvest school to share some songs, skits, Bible teaching and coloring. We had come here last year and at that time it was only for preschool. They now have preschool through third grade. Then next year it will go through 4th and so on. Sister Bindu, the director of the school, was the one who had the vision for the Great Harvest Children’s Program; a program that now reaches over 6,000 children all over the Indian Subcontinent. Please be in prayer for the school to get their government license so they can take on more and more students. This also is an opportunity to share the gospel because the Hindu parents see that the children that attend there are getting a good education and so they inscribe their children even though it is a Christian school. In this way they are able to share the truth about Jesus with the children and the parents.

Later in the day we went back to Pastor Christopher’s church where the outreach had been the previous night. We had wanted to share some gifts with the children after the program but it was too chaotic. So after they shared some songs and dances with us we shared some songs and skits with them and then passed out the school bags and toothbrush kits.

In the evening we headed to another village for another Christmas outreach. The GH pastors really put a lot of planning and work into these programs because they know that many unbelievers will come and hear the good news of Jesus Christ. The people really enjoy it and were so glad that we were there to watch and participate. Again we played a part by sharing a skit with them and John shared the Gospel. It was sad to say good-bye to the children knowing we would be leaving the next day.

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