Monday, January 5th

Today was the first day of teaching and serving at Great Harvest Bible College. We were able to give all the first year students a bible, and we gave all the students a notebook, pen, book, and 2 tee shirts. It was a blessing to give gifts from all of you back in America! Thank you for giving!

In these photos you can see the new construction going on at the school! There are now 3 floors and a brother from our church in Bozeman, Ken Kesterson came to show the students how to build shelves and benches and tables etc. Soon they will have a library and a proper dormitory and classrooms for multiple classes. Praise The Lord of heaven! This is a huge answered prayer. And the students are very skilled at carpentry!

After the first teaching session today, a group of us went to see the new Great Harvest Preschool. It has only been in existence for 6 months. At that time, there were 6 students enrolled. Now, by word of mouth and the grace of God there are 19 students! Next year they are planning to have students up to 5th grade.

The Lord is opening so many doors to provide for the work Great Harvest is doing in India. Pastor Sunny’s father, whom we call Daddy, opened a general store 2 months ago and it is doing very well! They are able to buy food for the college at wholesale prices and almost all of the profit goes right back into the ministry.

By this, they were able to purchase food for the next two months! Here is a photo of the food storage (we have never seen this before! It is a season of abundance!) and of Sunny’s wife, Mercy cooking for us.

On Sunday we were privileged enough to attend and be a part of a church service at Great Harvest. Pastor Ted gave a wonderful sermon, there were three baby dedications, and some of us were randomly called upon to pray or give a greeting or play a song, which is a common occurrence these days!

That evening, we went to Pastor Christopher’s church for a church dedication service. His church is in a dangerous part of Chennai, with great opportunity to reach a large amount of people. Pray for this church! One of the babies that was dedicated at church was Christopher and Susan’s firstborn, Judah.

The worship at their church was amazing, loud, and went on for a long time! Then Pastor Ted gave a message on the sinful woman forgiven… Luke 7. We did a David and Goliath skit (Tony was Goliath, and Zack was David, which made for a super entertaining skit!)

We are with the people there and then went home for some rest. Our days are very full here! We are growing in our own individual walks as well as a team. We are depending on The Lord for each and every moment, whether it be to provide the words to say when called upon or to sustain us through the difficulty of traveling or the swarming of excited children or women needing prayer. We were told that by praying for these people, we are telling them we love them and we care for them.

It is such a blessing to be here in India and it is so clear that The Lord God Almighty has called us as a church to be a part of the work here. I urge you to consider and pray about coming with us next year! Your life will be forever changed.

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