More Traveling!

We’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling over the last few days mostly on roads that are in pretty rough shape. Some turned out to be so bad that we couldn’t continue. This ended up altering our plans a little bit, but we were finally able to take a bus on a different route. We know the Lord is in control of all these things and that His ways are not our ways. Because of some of the travel issues, we had to rearrange a few of our stops. Nevertheless, we were still able to visit more churches and have a busy day ahead.

We can definitely tell that Northern India is a bit more hostile to Christianity and we’ve sensed that there just isn’t the same openness to the gospel. At the same time, we realize that God is bigger and as we reported yesterday, souls have been saved! Praise God and pray for those who recently received Christ. Pray for the Lord to continue to open blind eyes and work out His perfect plan over the rest of our time. Also, pray that we’d have strength and rest with all of the travel along with full days of ministering. How blessed we are to know that when we are weak, He is strong!

Please continue to pray as well that we’d be protected from some of the lingering illnesses. Today, we’ll be doing some more outreach and visiting churches and then taking a 12 hour train ride overnight. We are grateful for you and also were glad to hear that our 4 other team members made it home safely! God bless you all!

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