We would like you to meet two of our students who are products of the work previous students have done after graduation:

Vallarasu (pictured below left) was born in a Hindu family. Just as his grandfather practiced Hinduism, he too worshipped the graven images of the many gods. He went faithfully to the temples, fasted, and worshipped all the god-men and idols, but nothing gave him any peace in his heart. He was always restless, empty and feeling very hopeless.

When he was studying in the 10th grade, Vallarasu decided to drop-out and enjoy the life the world had to offer him. He became consumed with many bad habits and still had no peace. His life then took a turn for the worse when his father died. The family began to starve and fall into huge debt. At one point they all thought of committing suicide. It was at this time that one of our church planters, Pastor David, shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with him. A divine peace filled him and he received Christ into his life  as his personal Savior when the Holy Spirit convicted him of his sinful life and he repented of his sins and received forgiveness. He began attending church and started growing in the Lord. Vallarasu has dedicated his life to Jesus Christ and knows that God has called him to serve Him and share the Gospel with others. He learned about Great Harvest Bible College from Pastor David and is now studying to become a church planter.

One of our graduates, Tulsiram, who is now a pastor and church planter went to a remote village in Chattisghar after much prayer and fasting. He brought the Gospel to these people for the first time. At first the people rejected him and would not accept him, but he began to reach out to the children by helping them with their schooling and he also began to get along with the young people of the village.

At that time he met a young man named Lakshman Baghel (pictured below right). Lakshman came from a Hindu family and was involved in smoking, drinking and taking drugs, which almost killed him. His parents brought him to various temples to get rid of his bad habits but nothing ever worked. At one point he decided he was going to kill himself and it was at this time that he met Pastor Tulsiram. Pastor Tulsiram shared the Gospel with him and prayed for him and he received Christ in his life! He said that God had opened his heart and mind and that the truth had set him free. For the first time he understood what true peace was and was filled with joy in Christ. Lakshman has completely dedicated himself to serve the Lord and after a year of discipling he came to Great Harvest Bible College to study God’s word.

God is using Pastor Tulsiram in a powerful way in this very remote area. He has planted 3 churches in the villages there. This is exactly the vision that God has given us to multiply the ministry and send out more and more missionaries! Praise the Lord!


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