Nepal Earthquake

Pastor Sunny recently returned from a two-week trip to Nepal to visit our pastors there and assess the situation to determine how we can come alongside those in need of help.

Here is what he reported:
We have 12 churches in Nepal. Only one of them has been damaged by the earthquake and 82 homes have been destroyed in the place where our friend Pastor Deepika is ministering. He showed me the homes and it was heartbreaking to see how many were completely destroyed. We were the first to visit this place after the earthquake. I was helping the kids in this region and they have not bathed, brushed their teeth or changed their clothes for more than three weeks. It was painful to see; they are living in tents. Please do pray for these children and their families. We wish to provide them with some blankets, food, clothes for the kids, soap, brushes, etc. Please do pray for Nepal.
Thank you. Pastor Sunny

If you would like to help us reach out to the people affected in this area, you can make a donation by clicking the Give tab.

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