Thank you for praying! The outreach last night went very well. There were many people there and 20-30% of them had heard of Jesus, but had never heard the true gospel message before. Some of the Hindu leaders were upset that we were preaching salvation through Jesus Christ and leading a prayer of repentance next to one of their temples.

The children preformed their Christmas program, there was a lot of singing and dancing and bible memorization. There was also a young man who was gifted in “freestyle football” (spinning, balancing and bouncing a soccer ball all over his body) who goes around India performing and sharing the gospel. His English was very good! He spun a basketball on the tip of a pencil and handed it to Pastor Ted.

Then, we did our word-less skit: Tony was Jesus with his arms stretched out on the cross and many of us came up to him, mocking him with our sins. Marty was a drunkard, David a druggie, Luke was a rich, arrogant man and John, Gracia and Karen tried to display the sin of immoral relationships. Then Zack came and tried to measure up to Jesus (Tony is much taller than Zack so it was perfect!), and then he humbled himself before The Lord and Jesus picked him up. It was powerful because of the language barrier.

Speaking of Zack, he is fitting right in here at his new home. We can see that the Lord will use him mightily over then next 4 months!

Well, we are off to church for the morning. Will blog later in the evening… Just wanted to update you all on the success of the outreach last night! May The Lord bless you all!

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