Saturday January 10

Well, Manipur (NE India) is quite different from Southern India, and it’s been a crazy day from one extreme to the other. There are no GHOI churches here so pray that some people from here will be able to go to GHBC and begin work here.

We began the day by going to a local church. This region was first evangelized about 100 years ago by some Baptist missionaries and has a strong Christian influence, however, like the States it has been dying out more and more with each generation, especially among the youth. So we preached a message of turning back to Jesus with your whole heart. The pastor really appreciated what we did and wants us to come back in the future to hold a youth outreach…we will see what the Lord does. But it was very “religious” without much life in the church, so pray for a revival here among the people.

We then went to a Nepali village that was part Christian, part Hindu and part Muslim. It was a bit tricky because the village was built by a factory owner who is a Christian and wants the people to become Christian, but he doesn’t want there to be division among the people since it’s already so multi-ethnic. We still wanted to and did preach Christ crucified though as the only way of salvation. We then just hung out with the villagers for awhile and just enjoyed each other. 

After we got back we spent some time with the kids at the orphanage. We had some fun singing songs, learning their names, playing, and passing out school bags

Then in the evening we went to another church that is extremely charismatic. Rather than giving the message he intended Pastor Ted had to give some correction. He did it with a very gentle spirit and it seems as though it was received. Afterwards they were very warm and wanted us to pray for them, so we did that as well as encourage them in the truth. Unfortunately we found some other false practices that caused the people to live in fear and under bondage to perform certain tasks (such as fasting) in order to receive favor from God, rather than fasting as an act of obedience and drawing closer to the Lord. There was much zeal without wisdom, and actually they are very weak spiritually and under the enemy’s stronghold. This wasn’t on the planned schedule but we believe the Lord had us go there for a reason.

So we went from one extreme to the other today…we will see what tomorrow brings.

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