Saturday, January 2

Well we’ve been here for two days now and it’s been non-stop….praise the Lord!

On Saturday at 2 am the Oceanside team arrived. After collecting all but one of our 11 checked bags full of books for the Bible College and toothbrushes for the children we headed out to find Pastor Sunny waiting to bring us to the Bible College. We then found out that the Bozeman team was going to be delayed 24 hours and wouldn’t be arriving until later that evening.

We arrived at the the Bible College around 5 am and decided we should just keep on going rather than taking a nap. So after a shower and some breakfast we started day 1!

This was the first day back from break for the college students so we went to give them a greeting and a word of encouragement. We then took the books we brought, that so many wonderful people donated, up to the newly constructed library on the third floor. We thought we would just be putting them on the shelves, but they wanted every book listed with title, author, publisher and copyright date so Tadia came up with a system and we all got to work. Even with one bag missing we catalogued just over 200 books! They now have over 12,000 of the 15,000 books needed for accreditation!

At chapel time Jonathan gave an encouraging devotional about obedience and then we had some time to get to know the students a little bit more. It is encouraging to hear their stories and passion for wanting to serve the Lord!

In the evening we went to do a village children’s program at Pastor Victor’s church. This was a church that was partially constructed last year, and we had prayed in. This is the first and only church in this village and there were over 40 children. After they shared some songs and dances with us, Tavia and Brenda taught a Bible story with a coloring page
and a memory verse. Then Allison, who is a dentist, shared with the kids about how to brush their teeth and we gave each of them a packet of toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss. Then we just hung out and had fun with the beautiful children!

After getting home we had dinner and went to bed exhausted. Pastor Sunny had gone to pick up the Bozeman team and they arrived here sometime around 11 pm. We heard them be welcomed by the students with singing but were too tired to get up.

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