Saturday January 9

Now it’s off to Northern India. In case you’ve heard about the earthquakes, we will be going to that area, but we are assured all is fine now. Travel started at 3 a.m. leaving for the airport. We flew first to Delhi and then switched planes to come to Manipur. We landed in a small airport and were greeted with rainy weather…quite a change from Southern India! Not only is the weather different but so is the culture. By the time we were picked up from the airport, went through customs and drove to where we were staying it was almost time for bed. It gets dark here around 5 pm so their days both end and start early. In fact we were told to be ready at 6:30 am for church.

We are staying at a Great Harvest Orphanage here that was just recently opened. After briefly meeting the children we got ready for bed.

FYI…we are in a very remote area right now so Internet and cell service are very difficult…we will get info out as we can.

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