Sunday, January 3

In the morning we were all together! After introductions and seeing old friends we had breakfast, devotions and prayer after which we went over the schedule for the day.

First off was church. Four different area Great Harvest church plants came together and they had about 20 believers among them to get baptized, which was how we started the service. Pastors Sunny and Ted baptized them. We then had a 5 hour church service filled with worship, preaching, children’s program, offering and communion. Then afterwards we had fellowship with the believers by providing a meal for them. Part of what we bring when we come over here is to bless the people with food and other necessities. So it was nice to be able to see them enjoying a large plate of food before their journey home. It was also nice to have fellowship with them, catch up with old friends and make some new ones. Four of the nine team members have been on multiple trips here, so it’s nice to see many of the same people still faithful and growing year after year; both young and old!

After church Pastor Ted and Luke did some classes for the students since they had lost a whole day and weren’t able to teach on Saturday. The rest of us catalogued more books

Then we went to an outreach in Pastor Christopher’s village/church. All of the church plants put together a program around Christmas and Nee Year’s as a way to reach their villages. The children work hard to learn dances, songs, Bible verses and skits in order to share the gospel with their families and neighbors. These are the children who participate in the Great Harvest Children’s Program. We too were able to participate b sharing a skit with them about the Unforgiving Servant, after which Luke preached the Gospel. The program is broadcast throughout the village with very loud speakers so even if people don’t come they still hear the message through the preaching, skits, and songs! The program was about three hours long and the time change was catching up with all of us, so when we got home around 10 or so, we had dinner and then straight to bed. As Pastor Ted says…”the best cure for jet lag is exhaustion.”

After a good night’s rest we were ready for the next day!

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