The Bins Have Arrived!

January 15th, 2014

We have just handed out the Bibles, commentaries, notebooks, and pens to the Bible College students this morning! They were very excited and blessed to receive all the hand written cards from our church members in Bozeman, MT. For those of you who wrote cards and gave gifts, thank you very much!

Ken and David just assembled the chainsaw and are showing the staff here how to use it properly and safely. They are also in the process of setting up a basketball hoop so the children can play! Yesterday, we taught a group of kids how to play kickball. It was a little difficult at first with the language barrier, but once they caught on they didn’t want to stop! It was so fun. Later, David, Stephen and John played soccer (or "football") with some of the same kids, and some of the Bible College students even joined in. Some of them were VERY good, and they wore the Americans out pretty quickly! 🙂

We were very thankful to have Brenda’s kid’s crafts yesterday morning. Sarah and Brenda are both very good teachers to the kids of India! Their love for them radiates.

David and Gracia led worship for the devotional time and Ken shared what was on his heart. He talked about being a builder, and the importance of building a strong foundation for our lives… for our ministries.

That evening, we visited 3 churches. The first was at a village that we had visited before. Last year, a Hindu temple was being built right next to our outreach. This year, it was completed, and there seemed to be more spiritual opposition than other places. A lot of the adults stood around and listened to our message and songs, so pray that seeds will be sown in their hearts through our visit and through their children.

One of our team members asked, "If the parents are Hindu, why do they let their children learn about Jesus?".

Aman Rai, a student here at GHBC, answered "Because we give them free tuition. No one gives free tuition around here."

What an open door for ministry! God has been so faithful to the ministry of Great Harvest. Some days, they don’t know how they will pay for electricity at the school, or how they will feed their students. Other days they are blessed by strangers giving them money to pay for emergency surgeries or other health care. The thing is… Nothing sways their faith. They praise God through the droughts AND through the abundant harvests.

I encourage you to do the same. Today, praise God when something good happens to you AND when something bad happens. He is always good.

We visited 2 other churches last night. One was in a government building, so we couldn’t stay long or make too much of a ruckus. Apparently they have had some issues with the people in the village getting upset that a government building is being used by Christians. Pray that the Lord will provide a building for them in that area. The church is pastored by Benjamin. He is the Chaplain/Warden at Great Harvest Bible College, leads the kids ministry regularly, and helps lead worship at Calvary Prayer House. They want to send him to a School of Worship in California, but will need the Lord to provide financially. They want to start a school of worship here in India, since there isn’t one anywhere in the country.

There are so many plans on the horizon for Great Harvest. It is all so exciting!

(Picture #1) the government building church
(Picture #2) two girls at the church next to the Hindu temple
(Picture #3) the guys 🙂

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