The New School Year is Underway

Please pray for our students and staff as the new year gets underway…
Well, we have just begun our fifth year of Great Harvest Bible College and are excited to see the new students who are so eager and dedicated to learn more about God’s word and ministry so they can go back to their home villages and countries to share the love of Christ with their people!

We have a total of 80 students and staff and unfortunately have had to turn others away who also wanted to come. It is very difficult for us to do this; we pray they will come back next year. As it is we don’t have enough room for all the students who have come. Half of them have to sleep on the floor with the insects and frogs, and many are developing skin problems. Please pray for them; it is very difficult for them to focus on their studies and ministries.

                        IMG_0007                         IMG_0008
Please also pray:
 • for cots and beds for the students; also many of the fans are not working
 • for completion of the bathroom and dormitory
 • for a water filter in the dormitory
 • for windows for the library
 • for 40 bicycles for the students to do their daily ministry in the villages
 • for a women’s dormitory

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