Tuesday, January 5…Travel day

In the morning Pastor Ted and Luke finished off their teaching with the students, we had some time of singing and prayer, and hit the road around 10 a.m. for a few days of ministry in Andhra Pradesh.

After about 6 hours of driving we arrived at our first stop to encourage some believers in a small village. The church was pastored by the father of one of the GHBC students named Ebenezer. Before getting back on the road Ebenezer shared with us the vision God had given him for ministry. He said there are two specific villages that don’t have a single Christian witness and are Hindu strongholds. He knows it will be difficult, but he also is sure that God is sending him there when he graduates in April, and therefore he is confident in the Lord. Please pray for him.

It was then back in the van for another 3 or so hours to Chirala. We visited a brand new church (one month old) that is basically just a roof on a piece of land. The people who come are a mix of new believers, Hindus and Muslims. Mackenzie led us in some praise songs, Pastor Ted gave the gospel message, Brenda shared her testimony, and Tavia entertained them with a funny story before we prayed for them. As Pastor Ted was introducing the team members earlier in the evening, he had mentioned how Tavia was the fun one who kept us all laughing, so before the time of prayer, one of the ladies asked to hear from Tavia. She shared a story with them about how she had tried and failed at putting on a sari…it was hilarious!

We then went to Pastor Calvin’s house for dinner around 10 p.m., had some time of fellowship, and headed to the hotel for some rest.

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