Tuesday January 6th

This morning we are at the bible college, sitting in on some of the classes as Pastor John, Pastor Ted, Luke, Mike, and Tony teach from 1st Timothy, 2nd Corinthians, John, etc. and some topical things like church planting.

Of course, we played leap frog.

Last night we went to the land that has been purchased for Pastor Victor’s church. Right now, it is a small, half constructed building. We prayed that The Lord would provide for them to finish the construction and put a roof up. We prayed for The Lord to protect Pastor Victor in the ministry. We prayed for the entire village… That all would be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth and that the small room would fill quickly that they would need to add on soon!

Pastor Victor is dear to our hearts, as he was a first year student when we came 3 years ago. He has two daughters and a wife that come alongside him in the ministry. His testimony is a powerful one, as he was a drunkard who didn’t care for his family before God grabbed ahold of his heart. Our God is a God of restoration, our Healer. He frees our souls and makes us a new creation in Him! Hallelujah!

Initially, his church was meeting under a huge tree (where we had our first outreach) and now The Lord has given him a building. We are praising the Lord alongside Pastor Victor and his family!

We also went to a place where the bible college students have an after-school program in the middle of a Hindu village, RIGHT next to a huge temple that was finished only last year. Kitty was connecting with some of the older ladies in the village by taking photos of them, but when she asked if she could pray with the one in the photo below, the woman pointed to the temple and said no, I am Hindu.

Many times the Hindu people are open to us praying for them because Jesus is just another god on their shelves. There is a lot of deception here in India. It is known around the world for being a very “spiritual” place, but many cannot see the darkness that Hinduism creates in the lives of the people deep within the heart of India. Hinduism is very demonic and we can see the effects of it in so many places we visit. But the believers here are alive and free in Christ and there is so much HOPE for the lost! We just need to send more laborers into the harvest field. That is one thing that we can do easily from our homes in America. Send.

After that, we went to some land that has been purchased for Pastor Benjamin. Benjamin is the Chaplain and Warden of Great Harvest Bible College. He is also a wonderful worship leader and servant of The Lord. He will be a wonderful Shepard of his own flock once they can build him a place to meet on the land.

David and Gracia did a light show magic trick duo for the kids last night and were absolutely swarmed afterwards. All the kids wanted the light to go through their heads or their hands and screamed in delight when it was their turn. John Fricke was worried that Gracia would get trampled since she’s about their height :-). It was a really fun evening of ministry.

This evening we are planning for the new team members to visit the slum church, and for the others to go back to Pastor Christopher’s church to do some kids ministry. Pastor Ted has been teaching Daniel some magic tricks that he will share at the slum church. But for now, we are having a chapel service with the students and then it’s tea time once again!

Be blessed! We all send our love to family and friends back in America.

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