United in Christ

We are celebrating this morning as our team of 16 has been united at last! Praise The Lord!

We are starting off our adventure with a time of food, fellowship, worship, scripture reading and prayer before we head to the Bible College for our first day of ministry. Mmm… The chai tea is ALMOST as good as the fellowship!

We will update again soon, as we have access to wifi at Daddy’s house this year. Daddy is Pastor Sunny’s father who has graciously opened his home to us. Pray for them as they host a bunch of “needy” Americans! 😉

Also, please pray for a woman named Annie in Bangkok that Marty was able to minister to while he was there. She has been emailing and asking questions about Jesus. Praise The Lord! Zack was able to talk with a Hindu and Muslim on the plane ride here. We don’t know their names, but pray for their salvation! Also, we have an outreach tonight where we will be doing a skit. (We are practicing in the photo)

And lastly, we have a request for a few of us (mostly the Northern Team) who have been struggling with some sickness. Thank you for lifting us up!

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