Update From a Recent GHBC Graduate!

Our fourth year students graduated earlier this year. Here is what the Lord is doing through one of them…

Kiran Babu was born and brought up in a Hindu home in Andhra Pradesh. His family practiced very strong Hindu traditions and even had a Hindu temple in their home. At the same time they were also going through various health issues and financial problems. They went to temple after temple and performed all kinds of sacrifices in order to get rid of their problems, however it seemed as though the problems only increased. There was no happiness or peace in their home.

In the meantime a pastor heard about his family’s situation and came and shared the Gospel with them and prayed for them. Soon after the prayer Kiran’s parents began to feel some relief and peace in their lives and eventually the entire family came to know Christ when Kiran was in the 10th grade. Kiran was greatly touched by the message of the Cross and received Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. He started attending church and was very moved by God’s word. He got involved in the evangelism and outreach program at his church and God placed a great passion and burden for lost souls on his heart.

One of our leaders, Pastor Calvin, visited his village and Kiran shared about his heart for serving the Lord and learning more about God’s Word. Pastor Calvin recommended that he should attend Great Harvest Bible College, and by God’s grace he was able to come study for one year here. As soon as he finished his studies, he went back to his own native village and started sharing the Gospel. God has been opening doors in four different locations, and a church has been planted. God is using Kiran in powerful ways to touch the lives of the people with the Gospel. Please pray for Pastor Kiran Babu’s ministry.

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