Update From Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh team has been ministering to and praying for many people so far on the second portion of their trip. Marty had the opportunity to preach the gospel in front of the same Hindu temple that we preached in front of a couple of years ago. It was at this outreach that they encountered a demon possessed woman. Her husband brought her to the team and asked them to pray for her. To everyone’s knowledge, the demon was exercised after the team prayed over her for over 15 minutes. The demon even spoke to the team, but we don’t have many details at this time. Pastor Calvin told the couple that they needed to get rid of all their idols and repent of their sin and follow Jesus. Our God is so powerful. There is no shadow in His presence.

The next day they visited seven churches, five of which John F shared from James chapter 1. Can you imagine? Seven churches in one day! The following day was spent with Pastor John Calvin’s church and the orphans that stay with him. The team enjoyed playing with, loving on, and ministering to the children there.

We hope to have another update soon from this team but it is difficult for them to find wifi, so we may have to wait until they return for a full report. Praise The Lord for the amazing work He is doing through this team! Hallelujah!

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