Updates from the Field – November 2014

Harvest Field Updates

Praise Report!

Pastor Ajith is serving  the Lord in a remote village of Orissa. He was the first person in his village to come to Christ and by God’s grace he was able to study at Great Harvest Bible college. During his studies he grew in the Lord and the passion to serve Him was very heavy on his heart. As soon as he graduated, he went to his native village to present Christ and share the transforming power of the Gospel.

As soon as he reached his village, he began sharing Jesus with the people. Because Orissa is the most persecuted place in India, there was much opposition. Any missionary serving in this region knows that at any time they could be killed or tortured to death. Trusting the Lord Pastor Ajith continued to serve the Lord each day by taking every opportunity to present Christ and bring people to the Lord. God started to move in a powerful way by touching people’s lives with the Gospel. Many people came to Christ and Pastor Ajith started to disciple them. He then started a children’s program and also began going to the neighboring village to share the Gospel there.

Within just a few months, many people came to Christ and Pastor Ajith’s house has turned into church! Some of the people who believed included his parents, other relatives and neighbors; the entire village has heard the message and God is still working in miraculous ways to draw the people to Himself. Of course the devil is not happy about this and Hindu radicals have approached the village leaders. They decided to take serious action against those who have left the Hindu temple to accept and follow Christ. The leaders have declared that those who have left the Hindu faith can’t fetch water from either the common well or from the river in the village. Pastor Ajith is requesting prayer for his church and the new believers. It is very difficult to live without water; many are fetching water in the middle of the night.

Please pray for Pastor Ajith and the believers in Orissa.

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