Great Harvest Bible College

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Great Harvest Bible College (GHBC) began in 2011 with just 6 students. By the end of that first year that number increased to 18. Our first group of graduates went back to their native lands and planted 20 churches! Each year since then the number of students, graduates and church plants has been increasing, and we now have over 200 church plants in the subcontinent of India! Praise the Lord!

This year we have 100 students and 10 of them are women! Only one of our 100 students is able to pay any fees to help supplement their education. We offer free education because these students are coming from very remote, poor villages to learn more about the Lord, the Bible and how to do effective ministry and plant churches. We want the Gospel to be preached in these dark regions and we trust the Lord to provide.

$50/month will feed and house one student for that month and a gift of any amount would help to pay the costs of running the College, such as electricity, firewood, gas, propane, staff salaries, and maintenance.

Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer and support!

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