Urgent Prayer Needed

Last year we had started an outreach ministry in Kanejama Nager, South India. It is one of the poorest areas with much violence and many idol worshippers. We started a children’s outreach ministry there with about 150 children. We were able to give them free education and share the love of Christ with them. However, due to the opposition, the building owner forced us to vacate the place. So for the last 6 months we have been praying and seeking the Lord for a piece of land and a building in this area.

By God’s grace we have found some land with a half constructed building on it which looks like a church. The land owner wants to sell the property for the church at a very cheap price. The actual market value of the property is $ 7000, but he is willing to sell it to us for $ 2000. We need to move quickly or the owner may sell to someone else who already has the money.

If God opens the door and we are able to get this property, we can reach hundreds and thousands of people with the Gospel. This area has more than 10,000 people…hundreds of children will be greatly blessed and our students will have an opportunity to minister in this place. In addition, this church can give birth to many more churches. This will be our 41st church in the last two years.
Please pray for God’s will and provision.

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