Urgent Prayer Please

Please do pray for one of our church planters in Tamil Nadu. Pastor “J” is serving the Lord in a Gypsy community. Since the beginning of his ministry, he has had great opposition, but he trusted the Lord and started serving among them anyway. God opened a miraculous door, signs and wonders happened, and people started to come to know Christ. Many received Christ in this community for the first time in their lives; they are first generation Christians. Fourteen Gypsy people were baptized 2 months ago.
Last week, however, strong opposition started. The Hindu fanatics started attacking the pastor and gave false reports to the police station; they are planning to finish him. The Hindu fanatics continually send people to attack this Pastor.┬áToday he has found a place to take refuge. We are talking with the Government officials to solve the problem. Please pray for Pastor “J.”

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