Urgent Prayer Request

God is using our students in powerful ways to reach southeast Asia with the Gospel. At the same time the Devil is working hard to hinder our VISION of reaching the people with the Gospel.

We humbly ask you all to please pray for the GHBC students. For the last two weeks all of our students have been infected with some kind of skin allergy. We have been praying and have had to take some students to the hospital as well. In fact yesterday more than 30 students had to go to a nearby Government hospital to get some medicine and shots for their skin problems. The main doctor has reported this issue to the health department in our region, and he and his team are going to inspect the Bible College. They have said that if the place is not environmentally safe or if any kind of health hazard exists for the students, they will shut it down. Please pray for the Bible College and the students.

Most of the students are still sleeping on the ground. We desperately need bunk beds, mattresses, sheets and pillows for them. They cost about $150 each. Please pray the Lord would provide for these beds and for the hospital expenses as well.

If you would like to help you can click the Give tab and make a donation. Please include a memo indicating how you would like to designate your gift. Thank you so much for your prayers!

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