Various Prayer Requests from the Field…

1) One of our recent graduates, Pastor Joy, found an open space in a village called Veerapuram, which is a strong Hindu village. Pray that the Lord will build a church there and for a small building to be built (cost is around $1000) We can help 50 to 100 children in that village and also start the church.

2) The owner of the building in the Slum Church has told us to vacate. They are asking for $1300 for a 5 year lease. Please pray that God will open doors.

3) One of our graduates, Enoch, is praying to start a church in village called Kanema Nager. We need a place and building. There are 100’s of children there to begin more Children’s Programs.

4) URGENT! We made an agreement to purchase the land in order to help resolve our sewage problem for a few months. We only have one month left of this temporary agreement. Please pray for the remaining money to purchase the land so we can solve the problem permanently as well as have a permanent place for the Bible College ($37,500).

5) We are starting a new church and Children’s project in a Kandy Village. Please pray that God will touch the lives of the people in Kandy.

6) Another graduate, Pastor Christopher, is praying for a place in a village to start a church.

7) Please pray for Pastor Calvin’s church construction work, he is asking for $1500 for cement and labour charges; the rest he is working out by himself.

8) We are praying for 50 new churches in South Asia this year.

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