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Vision: To thoroughly equip native missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission through a systematic teaching of Scripture. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Great Harvest Bible College was established in 2011 on the outskirts of Chennai (formerly Madras) in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.  This training center is an ideal place for students passionate about the Gospel to embrace each of the following core values:


  1. Demonstrate an effectual fervent prayer life
  2. Obedience to the infallible Word of God
  3. Be well equipped servant leaders
  4. Witness Christ in grace and love
  5. Exhibit a burning passion for lost souls
  6. Stand for truth and excellence

The School:

The school’s staff and administrators have a passion to train young men and women to reach the surrounding millions with the Gospel. We have a team of partners and co-laborers who share in this collective vision and unifying burden.   India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, with a current population exceeding 1.2 billion.  The vast majority of the country is Hindu, rife with superstitious beliefs and practices. Islam is the second most popular religion with 13%, followed by Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Christians comprise a mere 3% of the population of the country.  Clearly, the harvest fields are ripe for the graduates of Great Harvest Bible College.  The 10/40 window is wide open, and our desire is that our graduates be thoroughly equipped, confidently sent, and prayerfully supported in bringing the Gospel to the lost while glorifying God throughout Southern Asia.

The Students:

GHBC has students from multi-linguistic and cultural backgrounds, heralding from the neighboring nations of Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and Sri Lanka, as well as India. All classes and dialogue are carried out in one common tongue, English.  Prospective students are carefully screened.  Those students that are positive about God’s call to enter the ministry, and who exhibit a passion to reach the lost, no matter how remote, are accepted to study.  These students are trained in practical evangelism, missions, spiritual disciplines, and prayer. After their training, they are sent out as native missionaries, most returning to their own villages to make disciples for Christ and plant churches.



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Vision: To impart the hope and transforming power of the Gospel to impoverished children (Matthew 4:16).

God is doing great things through our children’s program! We currently work with thousands of students on a daily basis and it is our prayer to continue to increase that number.

In the fast growing nation of India the children are affected not only physically but also morally and emotionally. Our Children’s Program was developed to help Untouchable and homeless, including the Dalit, Adivasi, and tribal children throughout India and neighboring countries. These people groups number more than 300 million and have been marginalized and segregated under the shadow of caste oppression for centuries. We not only tutor them in their studies but we also guide them morally and spiritually. Our desire is to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with them, their families and their villages.

One example is Kumari*, one of the students who has been attending GHCP. She asked us to come to her home to pray for her sick mother. When we got there we found her mother very sick, just skin and bones. We prayed for her and shared the gospel of Jesus with her. It was the first time she had ever heard of Jesus and she accepted Him as her Lord and Savior! Since that time she has been recovering and coming to church with her whole family.

*Not her real name

Some of our current ministries are:

  • A regular school in Manipur, which gives free education to 220 tribal children
  • A regular school in West Bengal, which gives free education to 40 Adivasi children
  • An Orphanage in Manipur
  • Outreach and tutoring to thousands of Dalit children throughout the Indian Subcontinent
  • Annual VBS for the children we minister to as well as others
  • Provision of school materials, fees and other necessities

If you would like to help with the costs of some of these programs, simply click the Give tab at the top of the page.


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Vision:  To establish biblically based churches that rightly divide the Word of God to strengthen the body of Christ (2 Timothy 2:15).

Calvary Prayer House Church Planting is an outreach of Great Harvest Bible College. It is the fruit of the bible college.  We have native missionaries from all over Southern Asia come and study the Word of God, and then they go back to their home villages to plant a church.  Our desire is to train up native missionaries to be able to rightly divide the Word of God in their own native language; and share it with their own people. To date there have been over 40 churches planted through Calvary Prayer House Church Planting in various villages throughout Southern Asia.

We are committed to serve the Lord and plant even more churches in the most unreached areas and have a burning passion to introduce Jesus Christ to every person, in every people group, in every culture. It is our desire to see many churches planted throughout the subcontinent of India that operate in the native languages of the people, so they can fully understand and grasp the Word of God.  Many people are in religious bondage to Hinduism by worshiping the millions of “gods” and performing the daily worship of idols, and we pray for them to be set free in the name of Jesus Christ!

God has given us a vision for multiplying the effectiveness of reaching the many, many villages in some of the remotest areas. Each church planter (currently about 200) is to raise up and disciple five members from their church within five years to then go out with the gospel to an unreached village and plant another church. This will lead to 1,000 new churches within five years!

If you would like to sponsor a church planter for $50/month, they can then focus on full-time ministry. Once a church plant reaches 30 families it is considered self-supporting and you can then sponsor another pastor if the Lord leads you to do that. To sponsor one of our missionaries, click the Give tab at the top of the page.


It has long been on our hearts to start an orphanage up in the state of Manipur. We recently were able to purchase some land and build an orphanage where we currently care for 20 orphans.

Almost daily people come by with more orphans that they are not able to care for. What typically happens is that when the parents die, the children become the responsibility of the village and often they are not able to care for them. Many people have heard about the orphanage and are bringing the children to us, but unfortunately at this time we do not have room to take any more.

We have a very loving family who cares for the children and teaches them about the Lord. Although the stories of the children are heartbreaking, it is a blessing to know they are being brought up in a loving, Christian environment.

Manipur is in a colder region of India and the winters are very cold and rainy. The children are currently sleeping on the cement floors and all the cooking is done outside. We are praying for provision for more blankets and an enclosed cooking/dining area. We are also praying for provision to be able to enroll them in school. Please pray with us.

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